Habshi Halwa


Milk 3 Ltrs
Khoya 250 gm
Sprouted Wheat 125 gm
Sugar 1/2 Kg
Ghee 1/2 Kg
Saffron 1/4 tsp
Kewra 1/4 tsp
small cardimon 4-5


Mix wheat in milk well & cook on low heat, constantly stirring.

When milk is reduced to half, gradually put khoya, keep stirring, otherwise lumps may form.

A smooth mixture will be formed.

Add sugar & cook.

When it is thick again, add ghee & cook.

After 20-25 minutes, it will not stick to the pan & it will leave the sides.

At this stage sprinkle kewra, saffron mixed in little water, ground cardimon. Mix & take out & spread it in a dish evenly & cut into the desired shapes like diamond or square pieces.

Garnish with pistachios & almonds.


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  2. could you please explain what sprouted wheat is exactly and how we use it in this recipe. Is it grinded to a flour before use, i am totally confused and also where can i buy it from? thankyou

  3. sprouted wheat can be prepared by soaking whole wheat in water for at least 2 days, just like beans sprouts. For time saving, U can use ground wheat.

  4. do you have to use the wheat sprouts whole in the recipe.i been looking 4 this recipe everywhere i finally found it thank u alot fo posting it and also what is khoya please? i livi in the uk i dont know where to find it

  5. Yes use wheat sprouts as a whole & if U can't find khoya, take 3 Ltrs of Milk & cook on very low heat for several hours, so that it thickens & take a solid paste shape.

  6. thank u alot for getting back to me.wot make the colour of the habshi halwa? if i make the khoya i have to also use another 3 litres of milk to put it in.

  7. hi can you use dried milk instead of khoya?

  8. Yes cook it until the oil comes up & the color changes.
    In the actual recipe khoya is used, but at home we can use powdered milk instead, with this the taste would be good, but not the same as Habshi halwa.

  9. ok thanks alot sis .i will try it with milk powder then i let you know coz i cant find khoya in london tanks

  10. what should happen to the sprouted wheat in the milk should it dissolve ?

  11. Yes it will dissolve. U R most Welcome anytime. :)

  12. what happen if the sprouted wheat doesnot dissolve? cant u boiled the sprout wheat b4 hand?

  13. U can do if u like, but on slow heat everything will be cooked & dissolved in milk & make the whole mixture thick.

  14. hi,i'm a bit confused.what do you mean by ground wheat? can you use wheat flour or do you have to soak wheat and then grind it?
    thank you

  15. Sprouted wheat is available in the market.
    Sprouted wheat is highly nutritious and surprisingly sweet. It is much easier for the body to digest since much of the starch is changed into vegetable sugars. Make it into flour and you have a great addition to your home ground flour.
    making it at home U have to soak it for the sprouts to grow, then blend it into a fine paste.

  16. Sprouted wheat is commonly available at homebrewing supply stores under the name wheat malt.

  17. I,ve seen crushed wheat malt on the internet, is this the same as sprouted wheat.

  18. How much Powder Milk do I use for the recipe given above??

  19. Powder milk is used to exaggerate the taste & also thickens the mixture. So put it as needed, it will make the taste good.

  20. How do you get the brown colour, did you add brown food colour?

  21. Hi, as you mentioned above that we can sprout the wheat at home could you give steps how to sprout them e.g do we just soak and leave the wheat for two days or?, then do we have to grind the sprouts fine or course. Thanks

  22. Yes U have to soak it in water, until it grows into sprouts, then blend it. But it is a lengthy process & difficult too, so try to use ready made.
    Cooking it until it thickens, will give U the same color, but remember not to burn it.

  23. I can not find already sprouted wheat can I use cracked wheat?

  24. I never used it. Anyways try it & then tell me the results too.

  25. Hi, is the picture really your Habshi Halwa ? It looks amazing . That picture has been used by many other sites. A question about the halwa , is it grainy ( tiny lumps ) or smooth? The one from Ambala is grainy and that is the texture I like.

  26. Yes this is my picture, but many sites are using it without permission.
    Yes it becomes grainy, as U cook it slowly to make it thick halwa.

  27. Hi, I followed your recipe and it went horribly wrong.The wheat became hard in the milk and did not soften even after hours of cooking.I then strained the milk mixture and removed the wheat, boiled the wheat separately until cooked. I put the wheat in the milk to cook again and it became hard again,too hard to even chew. What went wrong?

  28. Hi, Im still waiting to hear what went wrong
    with the recipe. I followed your instructions and everything went into the bin. Don't you think you should give me some advice on where I might have gone wrong?

  29. I sorry to hear that. But I think what U did is U took Wheat, well it is not wheat, but sprouted wheat, it is already soft, no need to cook too long to tender.
    If U take wheat, it is hard (& take a long time to tender)& in sugar it will never get tender, but will become harder & harder.

  30. Hi, I did use sprouted wheat which I did at home.I soaked ordinary wheat in water for 2 days, then I took it out of the water and left it covered for 2 days to sprout.The wheat then looked like it had small roots growing on each wheat kernel. Do you think I should let it sprout even more?How long should the sprouts be on the wheat? Once the wheat sprouts does it go soft? I'm sorry for so many questions, but your halwa looks great and I really want to make it like yours.

  31. Yes give it more time to grow & this time use only the sprouts, discard the hard form of wheat, because I always use the sprouts from market & they r only sprouts, no hard form.
    If U cannot find sprouts, use powdered milk instead, it will be good too.

  32. Hi, I tried to grow sprouts but mine looked funny. Could you put up a picture to see what they are supposed to look like.

  33. When you grow sprouts, do you leave the wheat in water or do you take it out and leave to sprout.

  34. leave it in water to grow, until hard part is gone.
    By the way its better to buy the sprouted wheat from the market, why take so much burden.

  35. I wish I could get the sprouts but unfortunately where I live I cannot get the sprouts so have to grow them. I always thought that to sprout anything, you first soak it in water for two days then remove from the water and let it sprout. That is the way I sprout moong and that always works but the wheat looked like it had roots growing but not much of the sprout.

  36. Could I send you my e-mail address and you could send me a picture of what your wheat sprouts look like. That would be very helpful.

  37. Yes sure, for your interest, U can also watch this video, it will be helpful.


  38. For your convenience, see How to Sprout Wheat at home, after the comment box

  39. Hi Moon, Thank you so much for posting this recipe! But I need help with sprouting wheat as it is not readily available here.

    I let the wheat berries for 2 days, and then rinsed and drained them twice a day for the next 2 days. But none of the wheat berries sprouted!!

    Next time, I only soaked the wheat berries for 1 day, after that - rinsed and drained them twice a day for about 2 days but they still did not sprout!! I've always kept them in a dark & warm place with a cheesecloth covering the jar.

    How should I get the wheat to sprout? What did I do wrong? Please help me!!

  40. What type of wheat should be used for sprouting?

    Thank you.

  41. How to Sprout Wheat at home.
    In stores there are wheat is available in broken form also, so may be U have used that, it may not work. Use the whole, instead.
    By the way it is harder to sprout wheat at home, & recognizing the right time to use it as sweetened & soft. So it is better to use ready made sprouted wheat.

  42. Thanks Moon for the answers! I bought new "red hard winter wheat berries" and they sprouted quite well.

    Is it okay to dehydrate the sprouted wheat & store it in fridge before using?

    For habshi halwa, should I put the sprouted wheat as whole into the milk? Or do I need to blend sprouted wheat into paste/flour first?

    Final question..will the halwa texture become grainy once it's done?
    Thank you so much!!

  43. Yes, but don't store it too long, otherwise its sweetness will be gone & the taste will become bad. Blending it will be better.
    It depends on the cooking, sometimes it is like a smooth paste like halwa, the oil comes out.

  44. 5 STAR recipe!! Thanks a lot Moon! I tried this recipe this weekend & it was excellent. This is also known as Dhoda in Punjabi.

    Thanks for answering my last 2 set of questions! Great help.

    Next time, once the sprouted wheat is dissolved in the milk, what if we add paneer (instead of khoya) to the milk + wheat mixture? Do you know if that would taste good?

  45. Khoya is condensed form of milk, but paneer is curd from dissolving milk & lemon or vinegar, & then drained thoroughly to make paneer.
    So these R 2 different things.
    Paneer & khoya both R healthy & tasty.
    But Paneer will make it a totally different mixture.
    U can use powder milk instead.

  46. Hi,I searched on google sprouted wheat,but the result was whole grain sprouted flour.is it same thing?

  47. Or can I use wheat malt extract?and did you use any brown Color?

  48. Hi sadia,
    No need to use any brown color, as the color will automatically come, when Halwa is ready. Yes U can use sprouted wheat flour, but malt is a different thing, it will not work.

  49. I found sprouted wheat flour, can i use the same volume of sprouted wheat flour?

    1. Hi mala,
      U can use sprouted wheat flour, but take half in quantity, as it is actually the condensed form.



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